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Couple / Marriage Therapy

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Couple or Relationship Counseling

There are times in every relationship when stress is high and problems such as communication impasses, fighting, jealously, affairs, intimacy issues, financial conflicts, parenting disagreements, sexual problems or other concerns a couple may be experiencing can be overwhelming.  Diana offers many tools for improving communication and new ways to resolve relationship problems.  These skills are taught and practiced in her Colorado Springs office and the couple are also encouraged to practice these newly learned techniques at home. Today there are a great variety of unmarried couples living together and Diana has worked with relationships in trouble for over 25 years.  Sometimes the pairs have been friends living together, engaged couples, couples committed to each other for a long or short time, relationships considering or in the process of divorce, “common law” marriages, family members, like a mother or father and her/his adult clild or two siblings living together, couples unable to marry and committed to each other.  She has also helped individuals with couple or marriage issues work solo on their concerns.  Whatever the configuration, all these couples have sought Diana’s help to resolve problems in relationships. Diana is a Licensed Profesional Counselor and a Registered Nurse and holds a Masters of Arts in Clinical Phycology.  Since 1993, Diana has been a Clinical Member of the prestigious American Association of Marriage and Family Therapist.  Her experience, skills and commitment has helped couples reconcile their differences and create the relationship they want.

Instead of insurance I have a sliding fee scale between $60-$90 per session.  Cash or check is accepted at the time of service.

Diana DiMara R.N., M.A., LPC
Colorado Springs, CO